snackspellets | MD

Mr. M.P. Dharani

  • Over 15 Years of experience in procuring, manufacturing and marketing of all types of Papad (Pellets).
  • In 2007, introduced bulk packs of Cereal Based Double Layered (3D) Papad (3D Snacks Pellets ) in a box that set a new trend in Indian spice market.
  • Successfully launched Potato based Papad (Pellets) and Cereal Based Single Layered Papad (Pellets) thereafter.
  • Actively involved in business development, project management, distribution and export management.
  • A visionary, who initiated the tough task to set a distribution in domestic market as well as cater the foreign market by exporting containers initially than appoint a distributor
snackspellets | Akbar Mirza

Mr.Akbar Mirza

Finance & Admin Manager



snackspellets | Sandeep

Mr. Sandeep Christian

Account Manager



snackspellets | Aziz

Mr. Aziz Merchant

Purchase-Import Manager



snackspellets | Prakash

Mr. Prakash Chauhan

Domestic Sales Manager



snackspellets | Rahul Patel

Mr. Rahul Patel

Export Division & International
Marketing Manager