Nowadays a huge range of snack products are available in the world market, which are based on Papad (Pellets).
These Papad (Pellets) are semi finished and all manufacturers popped, flavored and packed it under their brand and sell it in the world market. There is a significant role of supply chain behind it.

The Papad (Pellets) based snacks producers have more advantage then traditionally prepared Natural Potato Chips:

  • Snacks Manufacturer gets more option in term of selection of Ingredients (i.e. Potato, Wheat, Corn, Rice, Pulses, Quinoa, Multi grains, blended with Natural Spices and color etc)
  • Papad (pellets) are available throughout the year
  • The quality of Papad (Pellets) are consistent specially when you are using Noble’s Papad (Pellets)
  • Snack Manufacturer has more variety to produce by installing only one popping (frying/ Hot Air Expansion) equipment.