Keeping in mind health first, we use natural ingredients and hygienic manufacturing process to keep the nutrition of natural raw materials intact and deliver a mouth watering taste.
There is significant variation in the quality parameters of each Raw material (i.e. Potato, Wheat, Rice, Corn and Tapioca) all along the year. Only few Raw Materials can grant a consistent quality of ingredients (i.e. flour & powders of Potato, Wheat, Rice, Corn and Tapioca)
Our product does not contain any synthetic color, artificial elements or any other chemicals.


Great care is taken to ensure the shape and the taste of the product, making it Low Oil Absorbing for your healthy lifestyle. As an organization, we firmly believe in quality work.

Constant quality is achieved by following strict procedures during manufacturing process, ensuring each of the nutrients remain the same till the last minute:

  • Each piece is produced to perfection, maintaining the same quality and taste throughout its production by QC Team in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with world class automatic machinery,
  • Automated handling of ingredients, absence of direct contact with production by employee, stringent hygienic standard and sheer traceability;


Each and every piece of Papad (Pellets) passes through a precision and quality check thereafter is processed forward for packaging.

  • Every single bag of Papad (Pellets) is identified by a production batch number
  • Samples from each batch are fried in our Laboratory to check the expansion and samples of each batch are keep in storage rack at list for 10-12 month as a counter samples.
  • A number of quality checks (i.e. physical, chemicals and product tasting) – is performed to verify the compliance with specifications, prior to shipment.
  • All quality data and specifications are stored in Total Quality Management data sheet.
  • The negligible breakage inside the packet; making us a step ahead of our competitor and the prosumer gets what they are paying for. So a further check is performed to verify packaging integrity.

Loading (QC 4th step)

Goods are now ready for shipment and will be forwarded according to what is agreed with our customer. According to our GMP, all trucks or containers coming to Noble for loading are duly inspected inside to check for potential traces of dirt or any kind of contaminants, and refused in case of non conformity. A further check is performed to verify packaging integrity. At this point, you just need to relax and wait, since goods on the way to you are in perfect state, granting the best performance of your snack.