Key Elements: Oil Absorption, Moisture of Raw and Fried Papad (Pellets)

E.G.: If Raw Papad (Pellets) is “X”
Oil Absorption in Average Fried Snacks = 25%
Average Moisture in Raw Papad (Pellets) = 11%
Average Moisture in Fried Snacks = 3%

Formula: “X”= Percentage of Dried Fried Snacks / Percentage of Dried Raw Papad (Pellets)
X= (100-3-25) / (100-11)
X= 72/89 = 0.809
That means we required 809 g of Raw Papad (Pellets) to obtain 1 Kg of fried Snack.

Bulk Density is the key parameter to fill the Fried Snack into pouch packing. The unit of B/D is grams/litre, it gives you idea about how many grams of fried snack can fill into a 1 litre volume.

Suggested dimensions for Testing Cylindrical Jar: “Diameter = Height”
B/D depends on many elements such as: Raw Materials, Degree of Gelatinization, Drying Process and Moisture.

A Papad (Pellets) giving a low B/D of Fried Snack is convenient because you need a lower quantity of Fried Snack to fill in the bag.

MOQ is 1 ton/ Shape & Color & Flavor

All our products are developed by using combination of Italian, Japanese & our own exclusive internal technology.

As we deal in food products, we take due care to pack the products hygienically under most stringent norms. Our international standard packing ensures that the Papad (Pellets) remain fresh, and retain their rich color, taste and aroma for a prolonged period of time.

Standard Unit of Package: 5 Ply Printed Corrugated Box

Papad (Pellets) stay inside Plastic Bags and 1 Corrugated Box contains 3 or 4 Plastic Bags
The weight of a Corrugated Box depends on the shape of Papad (Pellets); it may range between 12 to 24 kg

Most of fried Papad (Pellets) have oil content between 20% and 35%, while a regular potato crisp has normally oil content above 38-40%. When Papad (Pellets) are obtained through expansion in an oven, the oil content is almost zero, but then it’s necessary to add oil between 5% and 10%. Such content is due to the oil spraying on the surface of the expanded snack, which is required in order to stick a flavor on the product as well as to lubricate the mouth while chewing it.

In our range we have almost 78 different items.


Potato, Corn, Wheat and Multi Cereal Double Layered (3D) &Single Layered Papad (Pellets); Potato Papad (Pellets); Rice & Corn Papad (Pellets); Tapioca & Rice Papad (Pellets); Pre-Flavored Papad (Pellets); Natural Colored Papad (Pellets).