We offer a consistent commitment to our inheritors, a clean and green environment through:

— Go Green:

  • Reduce the use of energy, through awareness programs, upgrading the efficiency of machineries.
  • Organizing Tree Plantation every year.

— Minimizing Carbon Footprint:

  • Installed Eco-Friendly Boiler Plant.
  • Using Bio-Coal, it ensures a Carbon free environment.

— Avoiding Hazardous Substances:

  • Avoid synthetic color, artificial elements or any other chemicals in production.


Society consists of employees, suppliers, customers and surroundings. We consider the stability of relationships as a key factor to build up mutual trust among stakeholders and the business know-how.
We pursue healthy relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and society through:

— Employees:

  • Minimizing the personnel work load;
  • A stimulating job environment by providing facilities, i.e. Transportation, Medical and Entertainment;
  • Personnel training;
  • Process automation, to reduce body fatigue and enhance job safety;
  • Offering a stablejob - allowing a fairly long term plan for life.

— Customers & Suppliers:

  • 100% focus on Papad's(Pellets) reliability;
  • Offering Customized products;
  • Commitment in product safety and quality;
  • Loyalty towards supplier
  • Improving our efficiency.

— Society:

  • Donations to school, old age homes and police department.